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Fluorescent 1981 sales of the first, in 1986 in cooperation with the well-known Japanese brand, the product exported to Japan and European market.
1988 to obtain the right to operate their own export enterprises, in 1990 rice cooker products won the "China famous products" title.
1991 was awarded the "People's Republic of China electrical and mechanical export base" title.
In 1993, the Chinese Consumers Association awarded the most popular gold medal for Chinese consumers".
1999 HONG red rice cooker won the gold medal in the United States home appliance expo.
2000 Zhanjiang household appliances Shenzhen red tech base foundation.
2001 Guangdong Kun Kun group.
May 2002 acquisition of Guangzhou electric cooker industry company.
January 2002 HONG red card was identified as the famous trademark in Guangdong province,
In June 2002 by the Guangdong red mark Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau recommended national well-known trademark case.
In August 2002 the group merged with a more than and 300 year old Guangdong weilishen Wine Group Co. Ltd., the intangible assets and the market competitiveness is soaring, has become one of the Guangdong wine industry leading enterprises.
September 2002 HONG card products have been identified as brand-name products in Guangdong province.
In September 2002, he was awarded the title of famous brand in Guangdong province.
October 2002 "HONG" red rice cooker has been identified as Chinese brand-name products.
By the end of 2002 selected China four home appliance.
January 2003 "HONG|" red card products won the title of national inspection free products.
Red EPS packaging machinery company was established in 2003.
March 2004 "power God" trademark was identified as well-known trademarks in Guangdong.
March 2004 Zhanjiang household electrical appliance company was awarded the title of China Shou contract re credit business.
In 2004 to invest in the construction of Pingguo aluminum industry production base of Guangxi red card.
2005 investment in the construction of an area of 400 acres of Zhongshan industrial park.
2005 "HONG" brand rice cooker exports increased by 500% a record high.
In 2006 the annual output of 3 million sets of the frying pan, electric hotplate production line officially put into operation.
In May 30, 2007, the Group officially launched the "Blue Ocean Strategy", shows the red card group to create world famous brand determination.
2008 Red Group weilishen wine making group and international super brewing company France Cognac company to cooperate, the two sides through the sharing of resources, technology integration, marketing support and a series of in-depth cooperation, so that the power of God products striding towards the international market.
Division was established in April 2009 of the group of stove. Red Group will complete the annual output of 20 million sets of electric cooker, electric pressure cooker 3 million units, 5 million sets of electromagnetic oven, fryer 3 million, electromagnetic oven 5 million, frying pan, electric hotplate 3 million units, 5 million units of electric kettle industry platform
In 2010 to invest about 30000000 yuan red card will be the original Enterprise Research Institute, the provincial enterprise technology research center at the provincial level, and carries the entire western Guangdong industry testing and research projects.
In 2010, Zhanjiang household electrical appliance Co., Ltd. was awarded the national key high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology.
The foundation of Zhejiang red card intelligent electric cooker production base with an annual output of 10 million units in 2011.
2012 red flag "weilishen wine" Chinese selected foreign affairs committee special wine trade promotion, and selection for the Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce special wine
Red 2012 national technology center of small household electrical appliances complete acceptance, marking the comprehensive transformation of the red card group to high-tech, intelligent home appliances, to achieve the traditional national brand to the international brand of gorgeous.
The United States in 2016 graduated from the Northeastern University doctoral student Yesen took over the red card group president, to promote the depth of integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization, promote the group of green manufacturing to high-end, intelligent, development direction.

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